Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8 Flattering ways to change up your Makeup!

Are you stuck in a Makeup rut? Here are some fast and east Bright Makeup Ideas!!!

1. Swipe on a cheery baby-pink lipstick. Some of my favs are: Please Me and St Germain by MAC and Roman Holiday by NARS!

2. Line your lids with a little color! Try Make Up For Ever liquid aqua liners. They are easy to use!

3. Stick to a classic red lipstick. I love Moulin Rouge by Make Up For Ever. It goes great with every skin tone.

4. Experiment with purple eyeshadow! Stick with softer shades for lighter skin tones, and more pigmented shades for darker skin tones.

5. Brush on some peach-color blush. It's flattering, and gives you that healthy glow!

6. Focus on your eyes outer corners. It looks edgy and gives you that instant glam! Start at the outer corner of your lids, and blend your eyeshadow upward and outward.

7. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes. It will make your eyes pop and hide those pesky dark circles. I recommend a shimmer highlighter pencil or eye lightener powder by Smashbox Cosmetics.

8. Try tomato-color lipstick. Great for olive complexions! Pair it with black eye liner and a metallic bronze eyeshadow!

~ Jamia xoxo