Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boost Your Skin With Spices

Last week I wrote about water consumption and skin health. I am a Medical Esthetician and use advanced treatments in my studio to prevent and decrease the signs of aging, and treat acne etc, but I also believe in taking care of your skin inside out. So Spice it up!!

Turmeric is a bright-orange antioxidant that studies show fight free radicals. Sprinkle this colorful spice on veggies or mix in soups and sauces!

Basil is an herb that not only tastes good, but studies have shown that basil can be a blemish eraser. The herb's oil helps combat the bacteria that causes pimples. Try it! Boil a handful of fresh basil leaves in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Let it cool, and dip a cotton ball into the liquid and apply on breakout areas!

Fennel stalks can be replaced in receipes that cause for celery. Studies show that Fennel does everything from detoxify the skin to exfoliate skin cells!

~ Jamia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water & Skin

The benefits of drinking water for skin-and body-are numerous. It's true! You've heard it many times before... drink lots of water!

Benefits of water:

Enhanced Health
Increase Energy
Bright, clear eyes
A radiant complexion

Many people spend their days in a state of mild dehydration. Consuming far fewer fluids than they should. When your body is properly hydrated you look better and feel better.

How much water should you drink?

The Mayo Clinic suggests using 8x8 as a guideline. 8 glasses of 8 ounces each daily. You may need more. Exercising, hot weather, and heated indoor air all cause your body to lose water.

Consuming lots of fresh fruits and veggies for healthy skin will satisfy some of your body's requirements. A bonus is they are loaded with anti-aging anti-oxidants! So here is to water and healthy skin!!

Cheers ~ Jamia

Monday, June 6, 2011


Shopping for Sunscreen? Here are just a few helpful hints while looking for a sunscreen:

Higher SPF products are not always best. They can be misleading. Some people feel they can stay out in the sun longer, without reapplying with a higher SPF. Stick with an SPF of 30, and reapply often.

Your sunscreen needs to have UVA as well as UVB protection. UVA rays cause premature aging and skin cancer. UVB rays are what causes sunburn. There are now UVC rays.

Sunscreen Sprays are easy to use, but can be harmful to the environment and not safe for you to breath in those particles that are released.

Oxybenzone is an ingredient found in sunscreen that can be associated wiht allergic reactions, so avoid sunscreens with this ingredient.

For the Month of June, I am offering a 20% off discount on Kinerase Pro + Therapy Ultra Light SPF 30 with Kinetin and Zeatin. This protects you against, UVA UVB and UVC rays, as well as preventing signs of aging!

- Jamia
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