Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7 Concealer Clues

Concealer Clue #1 ~ To erase under eye circles, darkness, or puffiness, skip the cream concealer and opt for a brightener or illuminator to diffuse and reflect light.

Concealer Clue #2 ~ For imperfections like breakouts, scars, or sunspots, look for a cream concealer in an exact skin match.

Concealer Clue #3 ~ When using cream concealer for maximum coverage, don't use your fingers, which will deposit natural oils and thin out the coverage. Instead pat product on skin with a synthetic-bristle concealer brush, then blend aways any visible edges.

Concealer Clue #4 ~ To camouflage redness often caused by Rosacea or Acne, use a green corrective concealer. To cover blue or purple under the eyes or over veins, use a peach corrective concealer.

Concealer Clue #5 ~ If you use a liquid or cream foundation, apply concealer after so it doesn't get moved around or sheered out. If you use a powder foundation, apply concealer first so it sets in place.

Concealer Clue #6 ~ Always use a primer first if applying concealer to an area with fine lines or wrinkles. Otherwise, over time the concealer will settle into the skin and draw more attention to the pesky folds.

Concealer Clue #7 ~ If you're looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, you can also apply cream concealer to the lid as an eye base and to lips to neutralize the natural lip tone before applying any color to get the true shade payoff!

~ Jamia