Monday, January 16, 2012

All Blemishes are not equal!

All Blemishes are not created equal. Learn the difference and treat accordingly!

Whiteheads/ Little clogged bumps under the skin that aren't red or sore. Most people get them on chin, sides of mouth or hairline.

What can you do? Exfoliate by keeping off dead skin cell buildup, this will help these purge naturally. However, a good deep pore cleansing facial is beneficial for removing the impurities within the pores.

Blackheads/ These are large pores that contain oil that is oxidized with air causing it to turn black.

What can you do? Monthly deep pore cleansing facials followed by a good home care regimen such as Retinol, purifying cleansers, and weekly purifying masks.
I like Tretinoin Gel by Kinerase 0.05%
Clarifying Cleanser by Kinerase
Clear Skin Regulating Mask by Kinerase

Cysts/ Hard, painful bumps that develop within the skin can linger for weeks.

What can you do? DO NOT PICK! Get regular chemical peels, such as TCA followed by a microdermabrasion 5-7 days later. Do not skip washing your face at night and use a topical acne gel to prevent getting the deep cysts.

I recommend PCA's Lactic Acne Gel.

~ Jamia

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